Wietske Renkema

Wietske Renkema

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Yes, this salad has chocolate in it. Dark chocolate isn’t just a sweet indulgence—it can also add depth and richness to savoury dishes.

Make dinner one of your healthiest meals of the day!

Make a Wish!!

Bed & Breakfast de Droomhoeve Nunspeet | de Veluwe, mooie omgeving, heerlijke kamer, top ontbijt + goede zorg!

FLOATING BED & BREAKFAST IN IJBURG: This totally unique concept of a floating Bed & Breakfast located in the futuristic Ijburg development of floating homes and floating apartments shows that people are now looking very much at thinking “outside the box” and investing in interesting and unusual solutions to providing accommodation where there had previously been none.

Finca Alegria de la Vida Spanje met B&B, tipi en safaritent

Don't worry about other people's drama

Belly Slimming Detox Water -- Lately I have really been getting into these body cleanse drinks. A friend suggested lemon mint cucumber water and I was hooked! I just feel reinvigorated after a 2 week organic detox cleanse. Not to mention these things do wonders for fat burning.

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