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Not sure why this says this is a quote from Goethe at the top when it says it is a quote from William Leal with the quote. William Leal seems to be correct.

He liked Her with long Hairs So She Cut It Short. 'cause She likes It Short Now, Short Because Maybe, It doesn't remind her of him, His betrayal. Perhaps Short because She has finally decided To get Away from him and His Memories. Maybe, in The Hope For Starting Over Again. -A

I wanted to cut my hair forever but he always told me no I love your long hair never cut it Then we broke up And I cut my hair short And I love it

So true! So many parents expect too much from their kids.  They are not little adults. Let them be little while they can :)

So glad I'm not the type of mom that keeps me kids from living a childhood. Sad some parents expect to not allow their kids to have sweets and ect. Some parents should know that kids are only kids once let them enjoy it.

be with someone who is proud to have you

I'm so glad I am. So glad my husband doesn't have to hide my face in photos. Because he is ashamed to be with me. He is proud of who he married and wouldn't dare hide my face especially in photos.