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Body outlines in the block center - great science & math connection (count the # of blocks needed)

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Leuk spel om de vrienden van 10 te oefenen: draai steeds twee kaarten om. Zijn de 2 getallen samen 10, dan mag je ze pakken en vervangen door nieuwe kaarten. Wie de meeste kaarten heeft, heeft gewonnen!

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basis voor het maken van een tangram

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Automatiseren van spellingcategorieën met Jenga! Of de tafels...

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Cool math activity to teach area!

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Fraction Concepts Day 2! Conceptions, Misconceptions, and Mathematical Language

Learning to use precise math talk is SO important--and using this language to deepen our understanding of fractions was what THIS lesson was all about! Check out today's post!

art + math = awesome lesson involves Paul Klee multiplication. students get background knowledge of Klee, we talk about tessellations multip. students get a page of 1-inch graph paper write out a 1 digit C 1 digit mult. problem w/ a 2 digit answer. They choose one that's hard for them to remember repeat that problem 7 times.... +Details on bloggers website.

research shows that to master fractions, students need multiple opportunities to practice with many varied representations of fractions. So a one time activity of cutting up a Hershey bar into smaller squares, although great fun, may not be enough to truly cement the understanding of how fractions work. By all means, cut up chocolate bars, pizzas, and pies. And add even more activities such as the ones featured here.

Roll & Hop Shape Game

Roll & Hop Shape Game More

Teaching To Inspire In 5th: Fraction Fun with Snacks Freebie! Review Multiplying and Dividing with Fractions with Snacks or a fun snack theme if you can't have snacks in the classroom.