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an image of a battle scene with men in red uniforms
AWI- Britain: Battle of the Brandywine Philadelphia 1777, by Stephen Walsh.
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1778~British Evacuate Philadelphia
June 18, 1778 - British evacuate Philadelphia to reinforce their troops in New York City, a response to the new French involvement in the conflict.
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Daniel Morgan: His Life and the Battle of Cowpens
Daniel Morgan: Incredible Fighter – His Brilliance Saved the American Revolution in its Darkest Hour at Cowpens – Revolutionary War Journal
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Daniel Morgan, Continental Army Rifleman, Colonel
Daniel Morgan (1735/1736 – July 6, 1802) was one of the most respected battlefield tacticians of the American Revolutionary War. He became an officer of the Virginia militia and recruited a company of riflemen at the start of the Revolutionary War. His company of marksmen were known as “Morgan Riflemen”. Early in the war, Morgan served in Benedict Arnold's expedition to Quebec and in the Saratoga campaign. He also served in the Philadelphia campaign before resigning from the army in 1779.
an old painting of a man with white hair
Daniel Morgan: His Life and the Battle of Cowpens
an old painting of a man with white hair
Francis Marion and Nathanael Greene: Conflicts in Command
Francis Marion
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Alcohol to Zealotry: The Revolution A to Z (Part 1) - Journal of the American Revolution
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State of Franklin - North Carolina History
State of Franklin - North Carolina History Project
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John Singleton Copley, Samuel Adams
John Singleton Copley's painting of Samuel Adams |
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Patrick Henry
Founding framer and gifted political orator, Patrick Henry was one of the bright lights of the United States' revolutionary generation. Henry was at the forefront of colonial agitation over British policy beginning with his fiery protests against the Stamp Act of 1765. He later served as Governor of Virginia and as a member of the First Continental Congress. Henry is best known for his declaration "give me liberty or give me death" made during a speech before the Virginia Convention in 1775.
two men in uniforms from the american revolution
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