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simple but beautiful

I did this with red and white candles. It turned out super cute for the first stretch of the candles being lit, but once they started melting down and getting shorter, it wasn't as cute and now I just have a little metal bucket full of wax.

Cute bunnies!

I have just finished a new litter of Funny Bunnies. They are looking for new homes for Easter! Their adoption fee is plus p&p. They will be going up periodically today in my Etsy shop x

Emma Parker - Father/Daughter http://www.emmaparkerartist.co.uk/#/missing-persons/

All the things we didn't get told by Emma Parker threads might represent secrets interwoven into stories

From sketch to the stiched item... full instructions and it's a lot easier than you'd think!

Make a sketch. Adhere interfacing to back of linen piece. Transfer sketch to interfacing with carbon paper. Then start stitching by hand or machine or both, using transferred lines as guides. Add embellishments like buttons, beads, etc.