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an animal with horns is standing in the grass
live an extraordinary life
the inside of an ornate building with columns and stained glass windows
a painting of two women in the woods
'The Soul of Sweet Delight': Photo
Fairies at the Spring, 1895 //Maxmilian Pirner (Víly u pramene)
the table is set for thanksgiving dinner with blue and orange plates, pumpkins and other decorations
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Set a festive Thanksgiving table with rustic candles and lanterns, mix and match plates and personalized place settings. Find imaginative ideas and inspired tabletop tips on our designHAPPY blog, and let the memorable celebration begin!
an old fashioned street light with leaves on it
#autumn #lampost
an assortment of glass and crystal items on display in a room with lights, candles and ornaments
I was so happy for spring to have sprung last week- and then i woke up to snow. Lol ok ❄️ At least gives me another reason to stay…
a collage of photos with pumpkins and candles
autumn witch aesthetic (more here)
a painting of water lilies and lily pads in a pond
Jan De Vliegher
2�0�1�4� �-� �g�a�r�d�e�n�3� � - olie op doek - � �2�0�0�x�1�3�3�c�m
a painting of a tree in the snow
Peach Trees in Blossom
Vincent Van Gogh:Peach Trees in Blossom
a painting of a tree in the grass
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Trunk of an Old Yew Tree- Vincent #art #toptags #artist #artistic #artists #arte #artlovers #instaartoftheday #myart #artwork #illustration #graphicdesign #artstagram #color #bestartfeatures #instaart #painting #drawing #art_community #paintings #watercolor #watercolour #ink #creative #sketch #sketchoftheday #pencil #artistsofinstagram #artistsoninstagram #artoftheday
an old window with potted plants on the ledge and in between it is a stone wall
New Lallous
stone wall window | love for all seasons
an artistic image of a star in the middle of a circle
#Viking #Norse #Celt #symbol meaning to ward off #negativity and bring #positive #thorsday
a black and white drawing of a bee with an inverted triangle in the middle, surrounded by two circles
" Longevity Sigil " Symbol
the zodiac sign for attracting love to you on a purple background with white writing
The Temple Of Viadescioism
Wolf Of Antimony Occultism
a painting of a ballerina girl in pink
the zodiac sign for being forgotten by those you upset
The Temple Of Viadescioism
Voodoo I Witchcraft I Wicca I Hoodoo I Spells I Psychic I
an angel standing in front of a doorway
a painting of a fairy and a dragon in front of a tree with lights on
Blog sobre hadas, duendes, elfos, magia, cuentos, poemas...
a painting of a fairy sleeping on a dandelion
September 2013 – The World On My Doorstep
"A Flower Fairy" par Annet Loginova
drops of water on a spider web in front of colorful leaves and trees behind it
herfst - YouTube
the celtic tree of life cross stitch pattern
Celtic Tree of Life Yule Cards by Lisa Parker