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four different pictures with words in them to describe what things are going on the page
Woordkaarten Bas 'De groepsruimte' 2
the words in this worksheet are for children to learn how to read them
Woordkaarten Bas 'De groepsruimte' 3
the wall is decorated with different colored paper items and tags on them, along with pictures of children's faces
Een luchtballon, leuk als verjaardagskalender
two pictures of toilet paper with pink bows on them
Niet te veel toiletpapier!
children are playing and eating in a child's playroom
Praatplaat Bas - Klas (Getekend door Dagmar Stam)
an image of children's pictures with words in english and spanish on the front
Digischool redirect
School: 7 verschillende praatplaten over school. http://leermiddel.digischool.nl/po/leermiddel/23b53a3fe67c7b4a53ece4099af8b984?s=2.10
knutselhoek Kinder, Sanat, Crayon, Cartoon Coloring Pages
Kleine huppel gaat voor het eerst naar school Youtube, Challenges, Ten
Kleine huppel gaat voor het eerst naar school
several cartoon characters standing in front of a tree with many faces on it and two cats
Woezel en Pip - Naar school
a heart made out of handprints with the words in the name of love
a bunch of pictures hanging on a wall with some magnets attached to it's sides
Skynet.be - LE portail belge - DE Belgische portaalsite!
a child's book with an image of a cross and the word tim on it
Domein Gereserveerd - Mijndomein.nl
de eerste letter van je naam
two wooden sticks with hand gestures painted on them, one is red and the other is green
De dikke duimen. Als de kleuters klaar zijn met opruimen mag het kindje van de dag de hoekjes gaan bekijken. Goed opgeruimd = groene duim omhoog. Slecht opgeruimd = rode duim omlaag.
a bulletin board with several different types of speech bubbles attached to the back of it
Afspraken kleuters
a young boy is holding up a sign with words on it that read, mohomeda
Wat een goed idee voor de letter van de week!
paper with circles drawn and cool materials, then let the fun begin! Compost, Activities For Kids, Origami, Light Box, Craft Activities, Art For Kids, Art Activities
40 Easy Homemade Playdough Recipes You Can DIY
paper with circles drawn and cool materials, then let the fun begin!
two children with their faces painted to look like they are hugging
Vriendinnetjes lied groep 1/2/3