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September 2013 ☞ Sculpture ☞ ” … Chinese artist Mu Boyan … paints naked fat men, sometimes very big and sometimes flying through the air. Boyan has a Masters from the Sculpture department at.

Gregory Crewdson

Gregory Crewdson - Untitled (Ophelia), Artist and photographer Gregory Crewdson doesn't so much take photos as make them. He uses techniques of film to stage pictures.


Gorgeous textures in clay handmade by artist Heather Knight. These wall tiles are each individually made by Heather. Available on Element Clay’s website or Oracle Jr’s favorite shoppi…

// ceramic art oct 14 Abdiel Gonzalez

Artist Clark Goolsby created these two eerie anatomical sculptures for his Feburary, 2011 STRANGE/LOVE show at the POVevolving Gallery in Los Angeles.