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a pond surrounded by trees and grass with a building in the distance on one side
an aerial view of a castle in the middle of winter with snow on the ground
Remote Neuschwanstein Castle is a nineteenth-century Romanesque Revival palace on a rugged hill above the village of Hohenschwangau near Füssen in southwest Bavaria, Munich, Germany
an old brick house surrounded by trees and hedges in front of a path leading to it
Rusthoven langs het Damsterdiep in Wirdum (gem. Loppersum) naast landgoed Ekenstein
an old brick building sitting on the side of a river next to a green field
Uithuizen (Groningen) - Menkemaborg
an aerial view of a large garden in the middle of trees
Paleistuin Het Loo Apeldoorn
a tall tower with a clock on it's side in the middle of a city
Top 10 Grootste Steden van Nederland (2024)
Martini Tower, Groningen. (Netherlands). First built in the 13th century
an old building with a clock tower in the middle of it's roof and snow on the ground
Der Aa-kerk. A-kerkhof, Groningen. - De Der Aa-kerk (ook: A-kerk) is, naast de Martinikerk, het tweede middeleeuwse kerkgebouw in het centrum van de stad Groningen (afgezien van de afgebroken Sint-Walburgkerk en Broerkerk). Gezien vanaf de Vismarkt torent de kerk, gelegen aan het Akerkhof, hoog uit boven de Korenbeurs.
an old church with a clock tower on the top
Martinikerk in #Groningen. Gebouwd rond 1200. #Church #monument
an old building with a clock on it's side in front of some trees
Groningen, Noorder Kerk
a yellow and white house with black shutters
Ekenstein - Wikipedia
Ekenstein, landgoed of borg, bij Tjamsweer (gem.Appingedam) langs het Damsterdiep
an old red brick house surrounded by trees and bushes in the fall with leaves on the ground
borg-Rusthoven - Google zoeken
an old castle sitting on top of a lake surrounded by water lilies and lily pads
Castle Muiderslot in Muidenthe, Netherlands
an old brick church with a steeple and red tile on the roof, surrounded by green grass
Bierum, Groningen, The Netherlands. This small village is my birthplace