i save myself. yes, i have people who keep me walking straight from time to time, but i save myself from the things that'll attack me as i go along my way.

" I recalled the scar on Oscar's wrist, the scars down Asten's back, and the scar across Addelai's lips. I recalled the scars littering Liam's face. "It's okay," I told her. "All the strongest people do.

More money more problems. “Today it costs over a billion dollars for a space shuttle flight. The cost… is fundamentally what's holding us back from becoming a space traveling civilization and ultimately a multi-planet species.

Cool Wearables - Human Exoskeleton, The Body Extender, Is Most Complex Wearable Robot Ever Built

"Interplanetary" section for the illustrated "Atlas of contemporary networks"

Bad Memories Do Not Open WOW! I think I could pack up quite a few of these boxes!