Wil Schalke
Meer ideeën van Wil
Collection of Eight Silver-Framed Early Purses. Mid/late 19th century.
French Beadwork Purse with Silver Frame. A silver frame with richly-sculpted floral designs and swan clasps for the silver bead chain has heavily beaded bag with gold beads and a blue and red floral design.  Circa 1840. http://Theriaults.com/
Antique Needlework Tools and Sewing: 83 Early 19th-Century Purse with Cherub Silver Clasp
Early 19th Century Silk Purse with Elaborate Silver Frame. Early 19th century. http://Theriaults.com
French Bisque Bebe Jumeau, Size 6, Original Jumeau Costume, Signed Bebe Jumeau Shoes
French Wooden Doll's Armoire with Original Linen-Fitted Interior from Au Nain Bleu
Eight 19th Century Miniature Handbags for Dolls.
Framed Collection of Victorian Accessories for Lady Dolls.
Collection of Miniature Accessories.
Rare German Bisque Lady with Sculpted Snood and Tassel as Sewing Companion.