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Apocalypse WOW!! Just like the cartoon!!!!

En Sabah Nur, also known as Apocalypse, is coming for the X-Men - is this Wolverine's death, and bionic soldier Cable coming in?

WE CAN DO IT, Lady Avengers by Quirkilicious, featuring Pepper Potts as Rescue, She-Hulk, Valkyrie, X-23, American Dream, Mockingbird, and Spider-woman

Marvel Female Warriors: Spider-woman (New Avengers, Avengers) American Dream (N/A) Mockingbird (New Avengers, Avengers) (Innocence Lost & Target X) Valkyrie (Secret Avengers, particularly issue She-Hulk (Avenging Spider-man Rescue (Invincible Iron Man)

Yes please, I'll take one! ❤️

Bethany, your husband was not a fair trade at all. I need to join you with my boyfriend tonight. Let your pencil dick husband stay in the next room and listen.

Shower together, just because we can. :)

15 Ways to Stay married! These are so true and kind of funny because its common sense but we over think it and this shows how simple it is to have a happy life with the one you love. Shower sex isn't on the list but it can be # 16

"To taste a dream"

use your tongue and lips to lick ad suck on her clitoris from behind. She will become highly aroused because it seems very naughty and kinky.