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Women on Web is a non-profit organization that fights against unsafe abortion. We provide access to safe abortions in countries with restrictive laws.
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It is all equally evil. Corrupt to the core.

Woman Power

Gloria Steinem and Dorothy Pitman Hughes, in Don't know who Dorothy Pitman Hughes is? Gloria Steinem (left) and Dorothy Pitman Hughes (right)' Photographer Dan Wynn. Daemon Mum & Rev Rose Hudson-Wilkin in GB?

Birth Control 101: Cervical Cap

Everything you need to know about the cervical cap.

Joss Whedon.

strong female characters are gaining popularity, especially in Young Adult books. Lots of people (Myself included) love books that have strong, independent female characters even though traditionally women are portrayed as weak and helpless.

Women's rights

A few of the reasons women need access to abortion after 20 weeks. Still, only a little more than of abortions are performed after 20 weeks.


Image is a picture of Ellen DeGeneres with a quote from her: “Asking who’s the ‘man’ and who’s the 'woman’ in a same-sex relationship is like asking which chopstick is the fork.

Rape culture

rape feminism tw: rape Signal Boost rape culture victim blaming tw rape rape jokes sexual violence rapeculture DON'T BE THAT GUY tw sexual assault rape jokes are never funny you can make a difference don't be a part of rape culture don't tell rape jokes