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Green Cabbage Serving Collection
Add some fresh and fun spring style to your kitchen and dinner table with our new Green Cabbage Serveware Collection. #WorldMarket
four leaf clovers are painted on the inside of a clear glass cup, which is half filled with water
🍀Shamrock Inlay Double Old Fashioned Glass🍀
Enjoy your favorite beverages with a dash of luck in this decorative double old-fashioned glass featuring clover inlays. Each charming green four-leaf clover is placed by hand, creating a one-of-a-kind glass. It's the perfect choice for sipping cocktails or mocktails with family and friends or giving as a gift to any Saint Patrick's Day hostess.🍀
a wooden table topped with plates and bowls filled with food next to glass cups on top of each other
🍓Strawberry Inlay Dishware Collection🍓
Set a sweet garden-inspired table with our curated collection of strawberry dishware. Made of clear glass decorated with an array of whimsical berry inlays placed by hand, this display-worthy drinkware and dishes deserve a prime spot on an open kitchen shelf.🍓
The Cutest Spring Mugs at World Market
Morning must-have! A cute spring-inspired mug...just add your favorite coffee for maximum happiness. #WorldMarket
Fun & Stylish Kitchen Essentials at World Market
Whether you’re looking to add a little extra style and flair to your kitchen’s open shelving or add to your entertaining essentials we have everything you need! #WorldMarket
Hot NEW Drinkware at World Market
Sip into spring with all NEW glassware finds - in the shop now! #WorldMarket
Best Selling Jupiter Glassware at World Market
Our popular Jupiter Glassware is out-of-this-world stylish! These cute glasses come in 8 colors - red, pink, amber, sage, cornflower blue, smoke, clear, and our newest addition iridescent. #WorldMarket
there are two bowls and spoons on the counter next to each other, one is empty
Joana Pastel Green Dipped Ceramic Lasagna Baking Dish
Handcrafted in Portugal of locally sourced stoneware, our Joana lasagna dish is dipped in a pastel-green glaze to give its clay base a colorful glow-up. This large casserole dish is fully vitrified to withstand high temperatures, distribute heat evenly and remain durable for years to come. A family-sized lasagna baker for oven-to-table serving, its lovely pale-green hue gives homemade casseroles an inviting presentation. #WorldMarket
several bowls and spoons on a counter with cupcakes in the back ground
Upcycle Multicolor Bamboo Nesting Prep Bowls
Mix ingredients, whip batters and prepare sauces in our nesting bamboo-blend prep bowls, a set of cooking and baking essentials in four sizes. In sage green, purple, melon orange and dragonfly blue, these prep bowls give your kitchen decor a spring-themed glow-up. Crafted with an eco-conscious blend of sustainable bamboo fiber and BPA-free materials, the addition of upcycled coffee grounds adds elegant speckling to their solid colors. #WorldMarket
an assortment of colorful bowls and spoons on a table with eggs in the background
Multicolor Enameled Stainless Steel Nesting Measuring Cups
Crafted of enameled stainless steel in four spring-themed hues, our nesting measuring cups feature long handles and scoop-like bowls. Accurate measuring tools in the most-used sizes, their sage green, purple, melon orange and dragonfly-blue finishes are outlined with a complementary shade. Coordinate these solid and liquid measuring cups with our collection of kitchenware in matching colors to give your kitchen a beautiful glow-up. #WorldMarket
colorful cutting boards and utensils sitting on a counter top next to cupcakes
Multicolor Wheat Straw Cutting Boards
Crafted of sustainable wheat straw and recycled plastic, our eco-minded trio of cutting boards are colorful, durable and conveniently dishwasher safe. In dragonfly blue, purple and melon orange, these lightweight chopping boards give your kitchen decor a spring-themed glow-up. The small is a perfect bar board, the medium size features a useful grating square and the largest has grooves to catch liquids from juicy fruits and roasted meats. #WorldMarket
colorful utensils and cookies on a white table
Spring Glow-Up Silicone Beveled Spatulas
Crafted of heat-resistant silicone with a tapered handle and beveled edge, our exclusive spatula is an all-in-one stirrer, spreader, mixer and leveler. Durable, comfortable and versatile, this essential kitchen utensil is available in a lovely selection of spring-themed colors. Coordinate it with our collection of kitchenware in matching hues to give your kitchen a beautiful glow-up. #WorldMarket
two shelves with bowls, plates and utensils on them
NEW Colorful Kitchen & Bakeware Essentials
Go colorful in the kitchen with our newest assortment of everyday kitchen and bakeware essentials in the latest shades. #WorldMarket
there are some cookies on the counter next to baking pans and utensils
Nonstick Ceramic Quarter Sheet Pans
Lovely in your choice of on-trend hues, our quarter-sheet carbon steel baking pan features a premium ceramic-nonstick coating for an easy release. Its durable low-carbon construction heats quickly and evenly for reliably consistent results. Sized just right for baking small batches of cookies and heating up frozen foods, this petite baking sheet is excellent for making a wide range of oven classics. #WorldMarket
a table topped with cupcakes, cookies and utensils on top of a white counter
Spring Floral Silicone Baking Mat & Spatulas
Featuring our exclusive floral artwork in vibrant colors, our 3-piece kitchen gift set pairs small and large silicone spatulas in two sizes with a nonstick baking mat. The spatulas are heat-safe mixing and spreading tools, the baker's mat doubles as a nonstick surface for kneading doughs and all are individually decorated with sweet seasonal icons. Together these useful baking tools give your kitchen decor a spring glow-up through Easter and beyond. #WorldMarket