Wine cellar

100 Pins
several bottles of wine are lined up on the wall
a room filled with lots of shoes next to a counter and chairs in front of it
a large display case filled with lots of glass and wooden shelves next to a table
a dining room table and chairs with wine racks in the backround behind them
Glazed Doors - by BANDA Property
a bar with three stools in front of it and several bottles on the wall
a large wine cellar with many bottles in it
Celandine Manor - Lanserring
an empty bar with chandeliers hanging from the ceiling
MonAsty Autograph Collection by NaNA (Not a Number Architects) | Hotel interiors
a marble counter top in front of a wooden shelf
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an empty room with a large counter and two lamps on the wall, in front of it
YinjiSpace - ZMAKE x Yongwei Nandu New Town Sales Department
印际 - 拙人营造 x 永威南都新城售楼部