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Ariana dressed as Eevee was the cutest thing ever😍 here's a really really quick drawing I did (took about liked how it turned out 😊 .

Аннатар-Саурон,которого не было в деградация-посте,т.к. внешне это никакой не Саурон :3 мне кажется ему было бы логичнее принимать форму нолдо - ради увеличения шансов Лолд,это похоже на смену вне... — Родной юрт

sketch of Sauron-Annatar For me Sauron’s “Annatar” form is not some form of “real Sauron being pretty”, but a form of absolutely another creature. So in my version Sauron chose an appearance of noldo - elvish nobility. For better chances