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Lol ouat

We should also mention his great grandfather Peter Pan, and his great great aunt/ adoptive aunt Zelena.and Killian is also possibly his soon to be stepfather

This line. XD

There was another time when he was talking to Regina I think and it was in a dining room and there was a cooked bird on the table and Rumple says "Roast Swan. *Rumple laugh* You'll get that later. I loved both parts

XD Lmao

To be fair, he did give the card meant for his wife *to* his wife. But Rumple is the Loki of the OUAT fandom, so he still wins. lol 〖 Once Upon a Time Prince Charming David Nolan Snow White Mary Margaret Blanchard Rumplestiltskin Belle funny 〗

Just OUAT Things

The way Emma calls Henry "kid". - Just OUAT things, she really is the coolest mom