Make champagne ice cubes overnight for easy and fun drink prep by filling an ice tray with the bubbly. Toss them in orange or grapefruit juice in the a.m. before heading out to the pool!

Champagne Ice Cubes Are About to Make Brunch So Much Better

Bananenmousse met speculaas

Bananenmousse met speculaas

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Frambozen met mascarpone room |

Frambozen met mascarpone room

Super quick and super delicious dessert featuring raspberries and mascarpone

12 heerlijk verkoelende en lekkere ideetjes voor in de zomer!

Summer Ice Cubes - DIY with fruits You can find this ice trays in ikea. You can put it in a water bottle


This easy recipe for traditional Spanish sangria is made with Rioja wine, brandy, triple sec, orange juice, lemon juice and sliced fruit.