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a toy bus is on the table with other toys
DSNG Van Ident
DSNG Van Ident. DSNG Van Ident for Dunya News
a man sitting on steps holding a pink shoe
Foot Locker's Week Of Greatness 2013: All Is Right
Foot Locker brings back Kyrie Irving for the Week Of Greatness, a week of the most premium shoe releases that can right all the world's wrongs. See Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield hug it out, Dennis Rodman fly to North Korea, Brett Favre finally walk away, and Craig Sager decide to change his wardrobe. If it's at Foot Locker, it's Approved.
a boat made out of sticks sitting on top of a sandy beach
Тео Янсен Человек,который создает скульптуры, управляемые ветром
Freshness Burger Instagram, People, Videos, Japanese Etiquette, American Islands, How To Speak Japanese, Doctor Robert
Freshness Burger
a man with long hair and a beard wearing a blue jacket is standing in front of a white background
Homeless Veteran Timelapse Transformation
Homeless Veteran Timelapse Transformation. Directed and Produced by Rob Bliss Creative.
a man standing in front of a window talking on a cell phone
aegon office ENG 30 SEC
AEGON Religare Launches New Campaign The campaign is conceptualized by Ogilvy and Mather while Nirvana Films has created 3 TVCs. Watch the TVCs here. AEGON Religare Life Insurance has launched its new campaign starting July 16, 2010. The campaign is conceptualized by Ogilvy & Mather and three TVCs are created by Nirvana Films.
two young children standing next to each other
2012 Cannes Award: Bronze Title: Smoking Kid Client: Thai Health Promotion Foundation Office: Ogilvy & Mather Bangkok Category: Outdoor Called by many "the best anti-smoking ad ever," this campaign filmed children walking up to adult smokers, asking them for a light.
two men are talking to each other on the street
Ogilvy anti smoking ad campaign Chanting Lighter TVC
Ogilvy anti smoking ad campaign Chanting Lighter TVC.
someone holding up a sign that says it's a small step but if we all follow it
iFOLD Save paper initiative by Ogilvy & Mather
iFOLD Save paper initiative by Ogilvy & Mather
four people standing in front of a wall with an umbrella over their heads and one person walking past them
IBM & Ogilvy France Create Ads With A New Purpose in its latest "People For Smarter Cities"
IBM is committed to creating solutions that help cities all over the world get smarter, in order to make life in those cities better. That's why IBM and Ogilvy are working together to spark positive change with the "People for Smarter Cities" project, and unite city leaders and forward-thinking citizens. To spread the word, Ogilvy created outdoor advertising with a purpose: a bench, a shelter and a ramp that are not only designed to be beautiful, but to be useful to city dwellers as well.
a woman holding a baby in her arms
My first friend - Huggies - Ogilvy & Mather Argentina
In order to provide everybody the chance to celebrate Friendship Day with a friend, Ogilvy & Mather Argentina developed with Huggies an original idea, putting together two infants to share this special day in a very particular way.
a man with a beard is standing in an office building looking at his cell phone
Storytelling: Ogilvy & Mather UK's 10th Digital Lab Day (2012)
Storytelling was the topic of Ogilvy & Mather UK's 10th Digital Lab day.
an image of a robot that is on the table
The Museum of Me | Intel
The Museum of Me
an image of a street at night with the words paris regent streef
Burberry opens on Regent Street
Burberry opens on Regent Street