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a piece of cake with orange frosting and colorful sprinkles on it
Oranje tompouce
a piece of food with yellow icing on it sitting on top of a table
Paas Bokkepootje
two pink roses with green leaves in the background
Stricker Valentijns roos
a christmas tree with many stuffed animals on it
Knuffels kerstboom
two dolls are dressed in winter clothes on a rocking chair with other items behind them
a pink rose with green leaves in the center is seen close up on a white background
a red rose sitting next to a candle on a table
Moederdagbrunch bij van der Valk
there are many animals that are standing in the hay and hay bales on the floor
Pasen bij Etenstijd
a large red rose is in a vase
Rode Valentijns roos
there are many different types of chocolates in the display case, including one for valentine's day
Valentijns bonbons van Villa Chocola
a chocolate donut with hearts on it sitting on a pink and white wrapper
Valentijns donut van Bakker Bart
a blue rose sitting in a vase on top of a wooden table next to a wall
Blauwe Valentijns roos
caddy's festive cake frosted with frosting and topped with a snowman
Cadbury Flake cakes van Jac. Bostelaar Delicatessen
a box of krispy kreme gingerbread whirls with frosting
Britse kerstkoekjes van Jac. Bostelaar Delicatessen
a star wars r2d2 christmas decoration in front of a tree with lights