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the back view of a human figure sitting on top of a black pedestal with his hands behind his head
Male Écorché - Michelangelo's Lorenzo de' Medici, Kotaro Fukuda
an image of the back muscles in action
Weekly Anatomy Challenge - Week 1
a skeleton is standing on its hind legs in front of a glass case with plants
Vile and Grotesque
the muscles are shown in this drawing
Anatomical plate
an image of a human body with muscles highlighted
Ecorche, Vladislav Laryushin
an image of a human anatomy model
Ecorche, Vladislav Laryushin
two human bodies with muscles highlighted in the back and side view, one showing the upper half of the body
Gumroad – Ecorche Digital Model By Rafael Grassetti
a white sculpture of a man's head on a black background
Art Reference Casts
an image of a human head made out of plaster
Art Reference Casts