paper roll four leaf clover shamrock stamps-tutorial

Further recycling by using our toilet paper tube heart stamps to make a 4 leaf clover stamp! Extra bonus, the tubes make a fun bubble when you pull them up from the paper.

Flower prints with toilet rolls

Paper roll craft ideas for kids and adults. Easy toilet paper roll crafts for preschoolers,toddlers. crafts to make using paper rolls: Christmas, Easter. How to make animals, butterflies, pilgrims

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30+ Amazing DIY Paintings For Your Blank Walls


Mother's Day Gift with kids footprints. Also on this page, how to make hand print carrots!

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De kroon: tutorial (handmade mieke)

Schilderen met knikkers.

Play create Explore: Marble Painting~a standard toddler art project that will keep them occupied for hours!

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Fall / Thanksgiving l Tree Cork painting with wine corks for the kids! Such a good way to reuse the wine corks!