Winter Art Project: Students design their own mitten and add a snowflake for a 3-D effect. (Picture Only)

K & 1 Mitten & Snowflake art project

Vogelhuisjes van melkpakken

Vogelhuisjes van melkpakken **idea to remember--use milk cartons in the spring to make these birdhouses:)

Ijsbeer Scheerschuim

Puffy Paint Polar Bear: (foam shaving cream and glue). Kids will delight in the texture of this paint. Post also has lots of other bear themed activities perfect for winter.


In my post Cutting / Making Snowflakes, I covered the steps it takes to fold and cut paper snowflakes. In Turn your Snowflakes into a Snowflake Snowman, I took the snowflake a bit further, when I g.


Winter Hibernating Bear Craft and WInter Song for Kids!

Schaatsen van paperclips

Make Ice Skate Swap Pins

MakingFriends Ice Skate SWAP Pins Make a snazzy pair of skates with clever clip blades as a fun SWAP for an ice skating party, winter craft event or to represent any frozen country for your Girl Scout Thinking Day or International celebration.


Painting a Tree, Glitter Snow, and Birds and Peanut Garland to Decorate :-D


Habitat Diorama craft - Jungle animals, Polar animas, Safari animals, or Sea animals

animals in the snow

Arctic Animal splatter art using winter animal die cuts. Place cutouts of animals on poster board and dip a toothbrush into white tempera paint. Use with paint diluted with water into a spray bottle

Paperclip schaats

Felt and Paperclip Skates Tutorial on Kroktak at…

Gesmolten sneeuwman

Preschool Crafts for Kids*: Funny Melted Snowman Christmas Craft

Solitary Winter Tree

Items similar to Solitary Winter Tree - Framed Cut Paper Art Illustration Sculpture on Etsy



winterlandschap met papier-maché

winterlandschap met papier-maché



Ice candle

willowday: Ice Art Balloon Ice Art or Ice Lantern