Sněhuláčci - skládanka

Winterzeit - Marta Szabo - Bouncy Winter Snowmen - no instructions but looks like made from polystyrene balls, pipe cleaners and card. Not sure what the red nose is made from

Printable Accordion Paper Reindeer Toys

PRINTABLE ACCORDION PAPER REINDEER CRAFT - here's a fun printable reindeer kids can play with. This homemade paper reindeer toy has a simple but cleverly folded body that allows it to stand up and be walked along by little hands. The accordion folds work

bride and groom clothespin

so cute! wedding couple clothespin - this could be an ornament with the year on it. Could also be for two grooms or two brides

Afbeelding verder tekenen. Leuk met foto`s van kinderen of afbeeldingen uit tijdschriften

Search magazines to find similar size features, (old, young, male, female) and glue them in the proper place. Your challenge is to add what is missing and pull the variety of magazine cutouts together with colored pencils to create a face.

Stacked snowman and stacked JOY wood burned Christmas ornaments. Price is for each ornament. Choose SNOWMAN or JOY at checkout. These ornaments are made out of white birch wood slices. I go for a walk in the woods and find fallen limbs that I like the loo

Snowglobe met eskimo 2, , thema Noordpool & Zuidpool voor kleuters

Snowglobe met eskimo 2, , thema Noordpool & Zuidpool voor kleuters