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Like a tattoo? I have information about Matching tattoos for best Friends, Husband and Wife, Mother Daughter or Family. Very funny and cool if you can apply in your organs sexy part.

Montattoo N°22

These black dotwork tattoos are made by the talented artist Dorothee. The temporary tattoo sheet consists of flora and fauna drawings and geometric shapes.

Good night - Stars Themed Illustrations by Muhammed Salah

Stars Themed Illustrations by Muhammed Salah

Paint brushes and pencil wrapped in ribbon

Paint brushes and pencil wrapped in ribbon. So awesome for my craft room! The ribbon should be a tape measure though.

Another flash tattoo inspired illustration. Again these elements have been inspired by the mystic motifs of alchemy. The illustrations are unified through the style by using bold lines to create shading

I did this Hannibal-themed flash sheet more as ink practice than with the intent to actually tattoo any of it, but in case anybody around Montreal/Toronto is interested in getting one of these, shoot me a message!

Art print download kwekerij Art Set van 4 dier Poster Tiger

Nursery Art Set of 4 Animal Poster - Tiger Bear Bunny Lion - Black and white printables