Gonny Stuut

Gonny Stuut

Visual artist,painting,drawing,making clothes and costumes,performing with costumes and much more.
Gonny Stuut
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Ananké  Necesidad Compulsión Inevitabilidad <3

Ananke -The myth of Er-Plato, Republic: Ananke is holding the Cosmic Spindle, three Fates (moirai) are singing in unison with 8 sirens the Supreme Beginning of the world.

Staphorst ca. 1920. Vrouw met dopeling.

Staphorst, circa Mother and baby going to church for the christening ceremony. Drawing by Jan Duyvetter

De tweede dwaze maagd, Martin Schongauer, 1470  #PublicDomain

De tweede dwaze maagd, Martin Schongauer, 1470 In germany this kind of renaissance coat is called "Schaube"

Anna te Drieën, Albrecht Dürer, 1498  #PublicDomain

View The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne by Albrecht Dürer on artnet. Browse more artworks Albrecht Dürer from Harris Schrank Fine Prints.