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Contemporary dining room.

Refined chandelier and dining chairs, rustic wood floor and tree branch candle holder centerpiece, contemporary take on traditional wall wood treatment. Non-stuffy dining room to kitchen view.

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Circuit training tips  Choose 8-to-10 exercises Try to choose exercises that alternate between ur upper & lower body (or switch off each day so u give your body time to recuperate & rebuild). Do 10-to-15 reps of each exercise. Choose a weight that challenges u, but that u can still maintain proper form. Do not rest between each exercise.After completing a full circuit of those 8-10 exercises, rest for 1-to-2 minutes to catch ur breath, then complete another circuit!

Today I'm showing you the full arm workout biceps + triceps, so that you can see how to tone your arms. Check out the best arm workouts for women ever!

Lonny Magazine Nov/Dec 2011 | Photography by Patrick Cline; Interior Design by Jamie Herzlinger

Modern Bathroom Black marble tile and a glass-enclosed shower Details: Black Wall Treatment, Black Modern Bathroom Keywords: Jamie Herzlinger Bathroom Tiles Shower Stall Bathroom Towel Bar November December 2011 Issue Glass Shower (Source: Lonny)