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a poem written in german on a blue sky background with mountains and clouds behind it
Er is een groot verschil
Er is een groot verschil
a person floating in the water with their head above the water and text overlaying them
Er komt een tijd
Er komt een tijd
a poem written in german with an image of a woman's eye on it
Soms heel even bekruipt
a poem written in german on the beach with waves coming towards shore and setting sun behind it
gedicht moed
a woman sitting on top of a building with her legs crossed and looking at the city
Ik ben trots op mezelf en weet
a poem written in white on a green and yellow background
a red heart is in the middle of a field
Mindfulness, Quotes, Just Be You, Daily Inspiration, Mantra, Self Love, Signs
an image of a forest with the words, accept won geluk
Hoe kun je je elke dag gelukkig voelen?
a person in a yellow raincoat walking up a hill with a quote on it