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Lime and Coconut Soufflé - the best I ever had was a cold lemon souffle, so I'm definitely putting this on the table soon.

Making Lime and Coconut Soufflé Lime seems to be making a regular appearance in my recent posts and if you don’t have a thing for these little suckers, then I duly apologize. As it is, today I decided.

Coffee ice cubes and almond milk.

The Best Iced Coffee - brew a fresh pot of coffee, add some sugar, pour it all into ice cube trays and freeze it overnight, and then in the morning put the coffee cubes in a glass and fill it with milk.

The Perfect White Wine Sangria! Its my 21st in 9 more days so i'm catching up on my recipes.

I substituted lemon lime seltzer for sprite and did cup sugar instead of a cup. Used a apple-grape juice box with a splash of tart cherry juice instead of the peach/white grape juice, and added an ounce of peach brandy.