kinderboekenweek 2020

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the family tree is made out of paper
Stamboom knutselen om de familie in kaart te brengen - Webkonijn
a family tree with people in it
Juf Bijtje | Werkblad Mijn Stamboom -
some pictures of people and a bee on a wooden background with the words mumn family
Juf Bijtje | Mijn familie -
an apple coloring page with two apples and one has a face on the top half
an image of four different people with flowers in their hands and one man holding a flower
Juf Rita pcbs 't Mozaïek :: jufritapcbsmozaiek
two young children sitting at a table with their drawings
thema grootouders - Google zoeken | Knutselen familie, Familie thema, Grootouders
four different pictures of people with the words voder, moder, and zoom
Spel & Spelen kleuters
an image of family pictures on a wooden background with the words mumn'famile
Juf Bijtje | Mijn familie -
a cross stitch pattern with circles and dots - Voor altijd jong
a book with an image of a woman holding a baby
Josephina een naam als een piano (Thematitel KBW20) -
the worksheet for children to learn how to run
Oma en opa
an activity sheet for children to learn how to use blocks and shapes in the game
Oma en opa
the worksheet is filled with information for children to learn how to use them
Alles over opa's en oma's :: opa-oma