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two rolls of washi tape sitting next to each other on top of a table
23 DIY Christmas Cards You Can Make In Under An Hour
These adorable washi tape tree cards. | 23 DIY Christmas Cards You Can Make In Under An Hour
a christmas tree made out of green stars on a white card with a blue ribbon
No card left behind
I recently started using the phrase ‘no card left behind’ at my classes. I know sometimes a card needs to left behind; sometimes a fresh start is best. I’m not talking about those…
there is a collage of pictures with chocolate oranges and puddinges on it
Chocolate orange maltesers pudding! Need to try this!!
a white and gold christmas ornament hanging from a string
Welcome to HARDPIN.COM
Love these glitter-dipped baubles
christmas ornaments are hanging on the wall and decorated with felt penguins, santa hats, and snowmen
felt christmas decorations
felt christmas decorations - Google Search
there are several different types of chocolates and marshmallows in this collage
Hot Chocolate Spoons
Okay the best tutorial I have seen for these hot chocolate spoons. I had one the other day and they are amazing but 2 dollars is expensive.
two red and white checkered cloths laying on top of a wooden table next to a business card
Quick gift: Cozy hand warmers
Swoon!: Quick gift: Cozy hand warmers
chocolate desserts with wooden spoons in them
DIY hot chocolate spoons (with tutorial)
two bags of marshmallows on top of a map
Hot chocolate gift sets | Tea, coffee & infusions
hot chocolate dipper with marshmallows by the chocolate deli |
four christmas ornaments are hanging from strings on the table, one is red and white
Vánoční ozdoby na stromeček šedo-červeno-bílé / Zboží prodejce lenkasoudkova
Vánoční dekorace velikost stromečku 10 x 8,5 cm, velikost srdíčka 8,5 x 8,3 cm, vyrobeno z plsti, vyplněno dutým vláknem, cena za 1 kus