#netherlands #windmill

I have ALWAYS wanted to go to the Netherlands & see the fields of tulips & the windmills! The Salamander windmill on the Vliet canal in Leidschendam, South Holland, Netherlands


Skagit Valley, WA by Douglas Dietiker. The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival is a tourist destination in Northwest Washington State.

Girl with a Pearl Earring -Johannes Vermeer

The painting Girl with a Pearl Earring (Dutch: Het Meisje met de Parel). circa oil on canvas, is one of Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer's masterworks and uses a pearl earring for a focal point. The painting is kept in the Mauritshuis gallery in The Hague.

A slice of Breda, bitter and cheese....in the morning! A good start of the day. Yummy!

We dutchies love our "Bruine boterham met kaas"! (wholeweat bread with dutch cheese)


A Stroopwafel, as it is known in Holland, is a warm delicious type of cookie that has been around for centuries. In the Netherlands, stroopwafels are .