Gips aanmaken en dan met een trechter in een ballon gieten ballon opblazen knoop er in en gips ronddraaien in ballon, drogen en ballon eraf

Plaster eggshell - How to do: Create plaster - casting plaster with a funnel in a balloon -balloon blow up - button it - balloon spinning around with plaster in it - let it dry and get off the balloon


The moss / plants between the shells intrigue me. This wreath speaks of vacations gathering shells. I think succulents would need to be chosen carefully: need to be "beachy" looking and need to fit in so well with the shells.

Pansies...such a pretty shade

Pansies in a marble vase, lovely.would be pretty on a cake (without the vase of course :)

Gorgeous Snow White Peonies.

Mixing all white flowers with babies breath and a small amount of delicate greenery makes a beautiful wedding bouquet.

Tempting Tulips - Covered Bowl 150,000 krw. 템팅튤립스 커버드볼

Tempting Tulips - Covered Bowl 150,000 krw. 템팅튤립스 커버드볼

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Spring arrangement with bulbs

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