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CHILDREN OF THE WORLD <=> HOLLAND - Paper Doll Cut-Out Sheet Collection of International paper dolls that provide a range of cultural/traditional costumes from various countries.

Dutch 50 guilder bill.

Oxenaar and J. Kruit, Nederlandsche Bank (Bank of the Netherlands), 50 guilder note, 1982

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Zeeland (Dutch) Traditional Dress 1 2 This page has many different examples of Dutch National Costumes

Dutch Traditional Costumes: Zeeland: Axel, Noord-Brabant: Eerde, and Noord-Hollande: Volendam

Buttons & Fabrics: Traditional Costumes : Dutch Costumes on Postage Stamps Axel, Noord-Brabant en Volendam


On the island Ameland (NL) the storm is coming to the sunny and snowy coast