Fun built-in kids bed nook

Great way to use that under eaves corner in a child's room and provide a fun, secret bed corner for your little one.

Awesome this is like very kids dream bed

bunk bed with nook and tons of other space saving ideas for kids' rooms

Stoere kinderkamer met steigerhout. Wel oppassen met splinters.

The mini loft would go with a rustic style for a boys room, or add some girlie fun touches for girls!

playroom-we have so many animals...

Stuffed Animal Zoo- give the kids a hat with 'Zoo keeper'.And let the Zoo keeper clean up ;-) Needed this 20 years ago when my mom sent my 3 kids over 101 stuffed animals until I put a stop to it!


Custom toy brick letters set. P. L


We could put a wood piece across loft to hide twin beds and then pipe railing above it.