10 Wordless Videos that Teach Problem Solving -- Speech paths are seemingly always on the hunt for materials to address problem solving - did you ever consider videos? I found 10 wordless videos that are fun and make kids think about how to fix the main c

Wordless videos that can help teach positive mindset, problem solving, and helping students identify feelings. I have used these many times and they work great in a school social work counseling office!

Do your students have a growth mindset or a fixed mindset? Here are some engaging activities for elementary kids. These lessons are designed as a way to foster a Growth Mindset culture in your classroom with your students. Also Included are bulletin board resources to display student work.

Growth Mindset Ideas & Freebies

UNDERSTAND MOTIVATION-This is a really great worksheet for any grade. It can be an individual activity or with a partner and students knowing what a motivated and growing mind looks like compared to a fixed mindset looks like in the classroom.

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