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a button with flowers on it sitting in the pocket of someone's jeans
Furniture, Fashion, Health and Beauty, Electronics and more
three pictures of different items that include scissors, toothpaste and an eye mask
How to make a recycled shampoo bottle purse and lots more!
two hands on top of an open book with music sheets attached to it and scissors in each hand
How to Make a Hymnal Angel
Magazine Christmas Trees * ages 6+ ⋆ Raising Dragons
an orange leather belt with metal zippers hanging from it's sides, on a gray background
Kate+Cusack+zipper+jewelry+04.bmp (image)
Interesting base for a handbag, attaching it to felt and then freeform embellishing; using the zippers as a handle.
a pan filled with milk and whisks on top of a stove
Stof verharden
zelf textielverharder maken ((knutselen))
three pictures show how to make an origami bracelet with beads and pearls on it
únete a Club de amigas de las manualidades
CLUB DE LAS AMIGAS DE LAS MANUALIDADES (pág. 417) | Aprender manualidades es
the instructions for how to make a cell phone holder out of scrap material and paper clips
Artful Binder Clip Phone Stand
from the Balzer Designs Blog: Artful Binder Clip Phone Stand. Tutorial on her website.
a cell phone in a clear plastic holder on a wooden table with its display stand
More Cassette Tape Storage Ideas - natalme
what to do with those old cassette tapes...and more ideas.
three black and white photos hanging on the wall next to each other with children's faces in them
Old VHS cases turned photo frames with hidden storage. Click to see more.
the instructions for making an origami wallet
Most inspiring pictures and photos!
Wallet made from tetra pack - upcycling - something for older kids maybe?
four pictures of different types of wallets
Cassette tape tutorial - Chezlin
Isn't it awesome???? Tutorial - Old cassette tape wallet by