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Apparently, some people in China have never heard of U-Haul. They are, however, amazingly efficient in the way they pack and move all their inventory on a tiny little bike. 'Manufactured Totems' is a series by Alain Delorme which brilliantly portrays the pressure Shanghainese migrant workers face. Piles of products labeled “Made in China” are stacked up to produce gargantuan sculptures, symbolizing their ever-increasing fetish with objects. The vertical nature of these items echoes the…

If you ever been in Asia you know the Chinese are the transport masters. They take truck loads on a single bike. French photographer Alain Delorme created an awesome and slighty over the top photoserie, about the Chinese Transport Skills.


In today's pictures, a wife in India mourns her husband's shooting death at a Wisconsin Sikh temple, floodwaters wash over Manila, snow falls in South Africa, and more.

recycling king

This guy is so impressive. Talk about someone who goes the extra mile! We will make recycling much easier than this w our new product, Solecan. It's a single can w trash & recycling compartments.