The WE Hostel - in the Vila Mariana neighborhood of Sao Paolo | Creative Directior: Rodrigo Marangoni


Something like this for the shelves in the office? {plywood and plastic laminate shelves in kitchen in 'We' Hostel in Sao Paolo, Brazil by Felipe Hess and Guilherme Perez}

KARWEI | Dit stoere, lage dressoir maak je met gasbetonblokken. #karwei #diy #wooninspiratie

KARWEI if i couldn't have a built on shelf under the tv, i quite like this

Larissa Johnston :: Islington Maisonette

Larissa Johnston arranges minimal London home around plywood box / Element Stair / Shape Straight Stair / Material Wood Stair /

NEW! Cabinet Steel storage. Soft plaids, metal, glass. BePureHome collection 2015/2016. #MaisonetObjet #MaisonetObjet2015 #mo2015 #MaisonetObjetParis

Lack of space for crockery, books and other material? This Cabinet Steel storage of Be Pure Home will ensure that you get weather clears.

Red hill, Victoria

Unrefined Kitchen Inspiration The kitchens I'm sharing with you today have an exquisite style.(image by Sharyn Cairns)

organising linens in a small space can look stylish and luxurious with the right accessories.

A converted factory in Germany makes a beautiful family home

Modern Hall in minimalist style with open shelves for shoes shelves for shoes in the hallway with your own hands is a great budget idea that becomes all