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Als het waar is dat

Als het waar is dat

((Open rp, I'm the girl. No fandoms/powers, please)) I need to get away from here. He's drunk again. And his friends are also drunk. I sneak out my window and run. I look down, realizing that I'm bleeding badly from the beatings. I'm getting weaker. My legs give out, and I collapse to the ground. I see a boy running towards me. Then, everything goes black.

Every once in a while, she just breaks down, sometimes for no reason. She always makes sure that no one is around and the only one who can see her is her father, who shines down on her through the window.<< Gorgeous description, and beautiful drawing.

In een droom val je vaak vlak voordat je wakker schrikt...

A motif in the novel is falling. The people fear falling and some actually do. They fear failure and injuries. Both Angle and Meme fall from tremendous heights. Esperanza fears falling and plans to float away as she is a red balloon.