pivoting glass walls and doors

B&B Italia Showroom by Pitsou Kedem

Rotation doors for meeting rooms. bb italia showroom by israeli architects pitsou kedem - Silicate panels line the western wall of the hall, while other interior walls are clad in concrete panels.

how would you like to live in a barn?

Canyon Barn is a renovation project completed by Seattle-based MW Works Architecture. Old barn renovated and converted into a retreat.

Modern glass pivot door, custom-made by Anyway Doors. This unique "steel look"…

Glass pivot door with offset axis pivot hinge without built-in floor fixtures. The unique pivot system is integrated in the black anodized door frame and sits on top of the finished floor. It can be installed in new or existing homes.

Aesop Osaka. Architect Shinichiro Ogata from the firm Simplicity.

osaka: aesop store opening

Steel Offset Pivot Entry Door with glass panel by Mc Nae Design

Nice color of glass - not sure if this is the glass color or the reflection making it darker. Steel Offset Pivot Entry Door with glass panel by Mc Nae Design

These pivoting doors by Anyway Doors revolve on hidden hinges around a central…

Belgium-based Anyway Doors created these modern pivoting doors that revolve around a central hinge. Designed to fit both new construction and renovation projects, the innovative doors double as room …