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Lifetip - Health Wearable Device with No-skin-contact ECG Technology - YouTube

Non-skin-contact wearable device measuring heart beats and taking ECG. From a wearable perspective I think a flexible integrated version is less ackward then a hard case. From an advertising perspective: why show a non-contact device on a place where touc

Oh now how can I live without this!? MUST HAVE! This site is great with these 50 cool kitchen gadgets

Plate Dip Clips attach to plates and hold dip. So it won't bleed all over your food before you're ready for it, or nuzzle up to items it isn't meant to touch, or run amok on the flat plate surface and become more of a scrape than a dip. When I go to pa

Nobody likes to sleep in a hot bed. Luckily, this fan will circulate air from underneath your bed so you never have to sweat while you sleep again.

I want this-no, I neeeeed this so badly! The Bed Fan delivers a cool breeze between the sheets—without AC costs, and without disturbing your partner. This would be good for those hot flashes at night too.