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<b>UM. CAN U NOT?</b>

gif Harry Styles seriously tmht i want to hold on to those arms while he's fucking me until i can't feel my legs okay i'm so distressed right now i need an orange juice

Still one of my favorite gifs<<< and in all this time watching Harry make a fool of himself, I never realized what Zayn was doing... okay. Wow.

Still one of my favorite gifs<<< so we have zany doing hip thrust and harry doin his little chacha slide thing ya know "now kick now kick now kick" VIDEO - Talk Dirty To Me Parody It is hilarious

Go harry, go harry, go harry!!

Beside the fact that this is awesome watch a couple times to see zayns face he is just like yea. Perries face is amazing she is just like omg harry you are sooo talented and then you see ed Sherran just cracking up.

Lol when u tell Harry to be serious!

Behind the scenes of the "Night Changes" music video. Harry being told not to smile and be serious. Harry, making a funny face that doesn't involve you smiling isn't the same as being serious.