*insert thumbs up here* leopards don't change their spots. Sure, people change. But their past is always a part of them;always a silent influence.

Never trust a liar or a cheater.Truth and Facts. ~ the super power of knowing ahead of time would be awesome!


GIRLBOSS VIBES: My mascara's too expensive to cry over stupid boys // via charlottewinslow


Mar Saech : What death thought me about grief. The mind replays what the heart can't delete. Losing my hero was so hard.

You keep saying this but I never would walk away - it's like I would be living without my soulmate....it's never been a question

I don't regret you but sometimes I wish I had walked away at the start & left things at hello.

Two things I can't stand : 1. A liar 2. A liar that gets mad when you don't believe the lies they are telling you. Narcissistic trait.

A liar who claims to hate lies and judges everyone else but refuses to look in the mirror; A liar who gets mad at you for exposing their lie (unintentionally) and paints YOU as the bad person.


"He chose the sweetest words to get her heart, and the most poisonous actions to break it." Ain't that the truth


She was the only person that loved me with honesty, and I broke her. I hope you realize this one day Luis, you broke my heart.

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