Sacha Lodge, Ecuador- Its like a real tree house

Quito Old Town (Ecuador). How beautiful and inspiring is Ecuador!

QUITO, ECUADOR - Quito Old Town (Ecuador). 'A Spanish-colonial stunner, Quito’s vibrant Centro Histórico is packed with elaborate churches and mournful monasteries, people-packed plazas and looming bell towers.

The alpaca, an amazing animal with even more amazing wool: soft, beautiful and warm!

Alpaca in Quilotoa, Ecuador, when I was there I didn't see any this fluffy!

Alpaca's: this is where the wool for ZAZU's garments is coming from!

Huancavelica, Peru: Alpaca herders harvest more than 30 tons of wool

Colourful soft alpaca wool, ready to be used for ZAZU's knitwear :)

Colorful wool Photos Beautiful colorful Alpaca wool at an alpaca farm in PeruPlease look here for more of my background by Patricia Hofmeester