This pic makes me want to live on a farm. I see myself leaning on the fence reading a book in the sunset light.

~ Beautiful Nature ~

"Black & White" tree reflection - this is a compilation of many of the things I like.black & white photos, trees, and water

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Best Pimple Killer Ever!

Pimple Killer - make a paste with sea salt and water, dab on pimples and let dry, 30 mins to 2 hrs.'dust' off dry salt or take advantage and exfoliate your face while you wash it! Enjoy less pimples :)

~ Divine Light ~

Divine Light - A beautiful image in sepia Tone showing silhouette image of a tree,sunlight & clouds.

~ Keltisch zeezout en Himalayazout, wat is het verschil? | Voeding en gezondheid - aHealthylife.nl ~

Known in the Himalayas as “white gold,” Himalayan Crystal Salt contains the same 84 natural minerals and elements found in the human body. This form of salt

~ Pinda's pellen ~

~ Pinda's pellen ~

~ Leuk artikel over hoe pindakaas wordt gemaakt ~

What to Eat BEFORE The Gym? - Peanut Butter On Wholegrain Toast - easy to digest so you’ll have energy for your workout but it’s not heavy so you won’t feel too full or bloated.

~ Dat dus. Voor 99,8%. ~

~ Dat dus. Voor 99,8%. ~