On a tous le droit d'avoir des rêves...

4 choses qui vous rendent belle et que le makeup ne pourra jamais remplacer !

Two of Spades ~ Japanese playing card

Cats in Illustration: Japanese Playing Cards, Two of Spades-- cats playing ping-pong with the spades used as table tennis paddles.

Alisa Yufa | VK

Clean pets are good karma.but remember cats are self cleaning

Cat Art watercolor cat painting original by ThimbleSparrow on Etsy

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"Life is a Catwalk" - Art Deco Bauhaus Poster Print Vintage [1930s] by hajarshahrain

Original Design Art Deco Bauhaus Poster Print Vintage Cat Fashion Vogue Style via Etsy. Oh, yes, they do walk like the elegant cats, just watch one proud littl puss stroll along.