Mixed media artist Gregory Grozos deconstructs a sculptural bust, transforming it into a secret garden for miniature figures. via My Modern Metropolis

Surreal Secret Garden Hidden Inside a Sculpture

cray cray small...

Incredible Miniature Food Sculptures

Tel Aviv-based artist Shay Aaron produces amazing miniature food art scaled down to a ratio of just – smaller than a piece. Despite their teeny tiny size, his impressive food sculptures still manages to look almost good enough to eat.

Lori Nix

New favorite, Lori Nix. From her series Unnatural History (opening at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philly.

Lori Nix Piece... Breaking Bad... anybody?!

Abandoned Car (from the Accidentally Kansas series) Introducing Lori Nix: a bemused master of disaster…

Lori Nix. 3 words.. two headed dog.

lori nix - you must check out this artist! She makes dioramas, then photographs them.

Minatures are the best.

Thomas Doyle / Firing for effect / Mixed media / 44 inches diameter / 2010

I need to make a display case like this one.

A few of my Lego minatures