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three decorative bookmarks with flowers on them
an ornate frame with flowers and a castle in the background, painted on white paper
a floral wallpaper with pink flowers and green leaves on the border, along with a white background
a close up of a flower on a piece of cloth
a painting of santa claus holding a christmas tree
���� #1 - Elizabeth Goodrick-Dillon - MontanaBY
a christmas card with a snowman holding a dog in it's arms and surrounded by holly wreaths
Фото 849733643595 из альбома Картинки Зима,Новый год!. Смотрите в группе Мир творчества (декупаж и не только). в ОК
a plate with an image of christmas decorations on the front and sides, painted in bright colors
Фото 839109394638 из альбома Картинки из тем. Смотрите в группе Фурнитура для шкатулок, комодов, ключниц, нард... в ОК