Kids Room - What a fun wall mural for this children's room!

the boo and the boy: eclectic kids rooms

Having a statement or accent wall in a kids' room is a great way to customize a room's decor. You can paint a bright wall, add a mural, or use wallpaper. But we love this unique idea for using complementary wallpapers to create a patchwork wall.

Foto "pinnata" dalla nostra lettrice Carla Covasce blogger di Craft Patisserie

Mural tree - this is just too mesmerizing not to pin . this mural tree has real tree branches painted white intermingled and used as shelves of sorts. Not sure I would want this in the house though.

boys room ideas #KBHome

Vintage Coca-cola crate as matchbox car display for boys room - so many cars.so little room

mommo design: BOYS ROOMS

Got to love putting the highway in your room - reminding you to keep chasing…

the boo and the boy: eclectic kids' rooms

Sabrina Ficarra et Cyril Laborde, Vadim 7 ans, Aurèle 5 ans - The Socialite Family

the boo and the boy: boys' rooms

alpine wallpaper- my grandparents had this in their bedroom.

ZOLDER: kapconstructie zichtbaar, andere indeling vereist. Ruimte in ruimte. Werkfuncties in buitenschil, verborgen. Binnenruimte vrij en flexibel indeelbaar

Larch plywood clads personal spaces which wrap around a central living area in a Japanese home by MA-style Architects. - Architecture and Home Decor - Bedroom - Bathroom - Kitchen And Living Room Interior Design Decorating Ideas -

Japanese minimalist residence, Ant House project, designed by Makinohara-based design studio mA-style Architects

Japanese Minimalism: The Ant House

mA-style: ant house mA-style: ant house ‘ant house’ by mA-style architects, omaezaki-city, shizuoka, japan image © kai nakamura all images courtesy of mA-style architects shizuoka-based mA-style.